Interactive services for sure. lead nurturing... surely!

Only a small percentage of your customers are willing to make an immediate purchase. We even estimate that 90% of them will have to be matured.

So yes, we're glad you have 20,000 fans on your Facebook page or 40,000 subscribers in your database... But what interests us most is to bring these prospects to maturity. At Gipsy, we excel in the art of generating a prospect, taking care of it and bringing it (with you) to the desired behavior. Whether it's a call, a download or a click!

  • Website conception
  • Web and mobile application
  • Ad placement
  • Video content
  • Conception of converting campaign (contest, e-book, feature articles, etc.)
  • Content strategy (including social media)
  • Writing emails/blog articles/posts
  • Emailing (automation strategy)
  • Paid and organic referencing (SEM/SEO)


discover some of our projects

BSN MEDICAL    ///   Training Website

BSN MEDICAL   ///   Training Website

BRAULT & BOUTHILLIER    ///   Website Design

BRAULT & BOUTHILLIER   ///   Website Design

THE COFFEE COMPANY    ///   Website

THE COFFEE COMPANY   ///   Website

JOBST CANADA     ///   Website & Digital Marketing Campaigns

JOBST CANADA    ///   Website & Digital Marketing Campaigns

PROTÉGEZ-VOUS    ///   Online Contest

PROTÉGEZ-VOUS   ///   Online Contest

LAURENTIAN BANK    ///   Corporative Videos

LAURENTIAN BANK   ///   Corporative Videos

PROMETIC    ///   PLGD Awareness Week Website

PROMETIC   ///   PLGD Awareness Week Website

BRAULT & BOUTHILLIER    ///  Digital Marketing Campaigns

BRAULT & BOUTHILLIER   ///  Digital Marketing Campaigns

LIFE IN GREEN    ///   Website

LIFE IN GREEN   ///   Website

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL    ///   Eblasts

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL   ///   Eblasts